Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds

Welcome to SCVT

Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds

CTCI Chapter 50

Our next Club Meeting Video Conference is Friday November12, 2021.

We are all looking forward to upcoming events to keep our t-birds warm and our comradery current!

Here’s to a healthy 2021 with fun events and continued friendship

October Anniversaries:

Ken and Melissa Bozzuto – 2 years

Ginny Spencer – 6 years

Sam and Bonnie Hollingsworth – 10 years

Doc Dockter and Lucy Clark – 18 years

Gerry and Ruth Nelson – 20 years

Rich and Roxanne Parker – 21 years

Ralph and Holly Citti – 22 years

Rick and Diane Deutsch – 29 years

Chris and Sandy Bergquist – 30 years

Gary Dinger – 45 years